Thursday, June 3, 2010

I like to mouvs it mouvs it!

Today I stopped by my (old) school to pick up my (last) paycheck and generally goof off while I didn't have a sub call. I was totally surprised to find my box filled with thank you and love notes from my children! I am so grateful for the teachers who orchestrated this and while I know many of them just put a list of the peripheral teachers on the board and had the students write letters during "choice" time, I am touched none the less. Some of the cards/letters I got were priceless. This is my very first batch of thank yous from kids that weren't from student teaching or college volunteer work and I will admit to tearing up more than a little when reading through the notes they wrote me.

First, I got a GIANT card from a conglomerate of students from several classes. I'm not sure who organized this but my best guess is some of the sixth grade girls. My favorite comment is from Justine: "PS, you make great cookies." Justine is a teacher's kid who has been at some of the dinners I've gone to and she's had the chance to sample some of my homemade cookies. This kid knows her priorities. Another cool thing was that each of the third grade classes made me a card. One of the students took it upon himself to draw a picture of him and me on the back of the card, including labels. I'm pretty sure he has a teacher crush on me.

But of the cards, my favorite quote comes from a batch of first grade letters. The best notes are always from the kids who have the toughest times in school and this kid is no exception. I love that the teacher gave me cards in their purest form: the way kids wrote em and not rewritten by teachers until they looked "perfect." I'll translate for those of you who aren't trained in the skill of reading the writing of young authors.

Dear Mrs. Awesome. 
My favorite song is Surfin USA, The Yellow Submarine, and I like your moves. I like you Mrs. Awesome.

Best Student EVER.  

Well I'm glad to know I wasn't just dancing around for the sake of acting like a goon. Turns out, I've got mouvs!

And with the thought of me and my awesome mouvs, I'll leave you with pictoral proof that I truly rocked out with my kids this year. I give you.... Mrs. Awesome, as seen in the eyes of a first grader.

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