Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hunting Season: Now Open

All the pieces have finally fallen into place. Mr. Awesome accepted a position in Big Giant City, USA and so I know where to apply for jobs now. And as of yesterday evening, I finally got all the letters of rec I was waiting for, so it's official. I am officially on the market. Looking. Available. Unemployed.

In between jobs.

Starting today, I'm spending a bit of each day working on my job applications. I need to revamp my resume (should have already done that, but as you know, I am really good at procrastinating) and I need to get my shell cover letter set. However, the biggest obstacle is simply going to be finding a place to send my apps. Right now there are several districts that simply have information on collecting unemployment. Others are only accepting applications from current employees. Others want you to have years of experience. I wonder if any of them are looking for me?

Here's my first cover letter:

Dear peeps:
Please call me for an interview. I'm awesome. w00t. 
Mrs. Awesome. 

I think it needs some work. 


  1. GOOD LUCK on the job search! It's great that you know where you're headed. Now I'll hope for a great opportunity for you to be waiting when you get there! :)

  2. Thank you!! I am excited to see what next year has in store for me. Last year was nothing like what I expected it to be and it was amazing, so who knows what will be next? Even if I just end up subbing, it will be totally different subbing in a giant city.

  3. I particularly like the "w00t" as your concluding statement. Nice. :)

  4. Yes I find the usage of w00t highly essential and completely professional.


  5. I think your cover letter sounds great :) Good luck on your search! My advice is to apply EVERYWHERE, whether or not they have openings posted. best of luck!