Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Teacher Sweater Explained

The other day I was eating dinner with several teachers from school. Somehow the topic of clothes came up and a few of us started giving giving Mrs. Sixth Grade a hard time about her outfits.

Previously, I had deduced that the teacher sweater must be a symptom of PTSD, or Post Teaching Stress Disorder. I thought once you go teacher sweater you are gone forever, your sanity lost to the trenches of education. However, I am here today to announce that I may be a teensy incorrect, or possibly totally wrong.

Mrs. Sixth Grade explained that she loves dressing up for school. It's not about looking cool or professional or nice or even comfortable.

"So what's it about?" I asked, thinking of her pencil earrings, holiday themed sweaters, #1 teacher brooches, and apple pendant necklaces.

"Well, I would never get to dress this way in real life. School is just a pretend world. Everything there is make believe! You can wear anything you want and all the fun stuff because it's totally just a costume. I would never dress that way in the real world, yuck! Haha. Yeah... I like wearing fun costumes to school. It's all pretend."

So there you have it folks. The teacher sweater: it's just make believe.


  1. Well that is about the cutest explanation I've ever heard...but in order to maintain my street cred, I might have to continue my personal life-long ban on "teacher clothes." ;)

  2. Haha yeah I don't think I'll ever go down the path of "teacher clothes" either but I am so fascinated by them. I never knew teachers actually wore them until this year.