Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I decided to join the world of twitter. I'm brand new to it. I don't even have a personal twitter account so there will definitely be some learning involved. Also this may or may not lead to a new phone purchase, as my current phone flips AND has a retractable antennae.

So are you on twitter? I'm @mrsawesomeblogs so watch for me as I try to figure the whole thing out. It can't be that hard.


  1. Despite its reputation in pop culture as a silly time waster where people tell you what they ate for lunch, Twitter is actually becoming an amazing resource for educators. It's a quick and easy way to share links, get feedback, connect with other educators, and participate in all sorts of guerrilla professional development.

    Very excited to see you on there. Feel free to ask questions!

  2. Thanks Mr. D! I hope to make more use of it in a few weeks, after I get back from more travels and finish moving.

  3. I just deleted my account a few weeks ago...Mr. D is right -- lots of teacher stuff...I found myself feeling inundated and was tweet reading every second on my phone...too contagious for me! Happy tweeting! :-)