Friday, April 23, 2010

My awesome car

This week I have been driving Mr. Awesome's car to work. It is a lot of fun to drive, but it was not made for short people. I miss my car.

My regular car is very practical. It's a mom teacher car. It's a blue station wagon. No, we don't have kids. But we do like buying things at Costco and taking our card table to people's houses for poker night and putting four suitcases and four adults in the car very easily for road trips. We've even had practical sedan-owning people ask to borrow our car. And when I have things like my makeshift flip chart I'm trying to bring home, it fits in easily without having to collapse.

Our other car, Mr. Awesome's car, is the opposite of my car. It's a two-seater, rear engine, t-top, sub-woofer under the driver's seat, why didn't anyone tell me I was marrying a car guy, white old sports car. It's very cool. When I drive to work in it I have trouble not speeding. My flip chart does NOT fit into the tiny trunk.

Today after school one of my little guys saw me across the parking lot and shouted "Hey Mrs. Awesome! I like your car!" (Alright you caught me, he didn't really call me Mrs. Awesome, but this is my story!)

I felt so cool. I was the teacher driving an awesome car! Oh yeah! Screw trunk space! I'm keeping this car! Mr. Awesome can see how it feels to drive the other car!!!!

"I'm glad you like it!" I shouted back, grinning.

"Yep! It's so cool! I like it because it's the same color as my dad's car!!!!" I looked at his dad's car that the little boy was pointing to.

It was a white station wagon.

I want my car back, Mr. Awesome!


  1. Ahaha, I love the way that small people sometimes interpret cool (and really, life in general). The good news, at least, is that (regardless of whether or not it measures up to your standards) the kid legitimately still thinks your car is cool. ;)

  2. I know, right? Kids have the best perspective.

  3. Haha. That kid made you realize how much you want your old car back. He must have meant it when he said Mr. Awesome's car is awesome. It's just that the both of you have different perspectives when it comes to it. LOL. =)

  4. Haha, I don’t blame you for missing the wagon! When you’re used to having a lot of space, it can be pretty hard to adjust to a smaller car. I am driving a Mitsubishi wagon, but I once had to borrow my father’s Mitsubishi Galant while my car was in the shop. I would really miss the space whenever I looked at the back of the car!