Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snack Recess

Hey Mrs. Awesome, what did the duck bring for snack today?
I dunno, what?
..... Cheese and Quackers!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Today was my turn to help out with our staff monthly snacks. Once a month a few people bring in snacks for the staff room for everyone to enjoy during snack recess. At the beginning of the year, I purposefully signed up for a late month thinking that I wanted to see how things were done before it was my turn to bring snacks.

One week someone made sandwiches, complete with cucumber and avocado. They sliced up the little sandwiches into cute little triangles and we had hundreds of them. They didn't last past the k-2 recess. But then magically a second platter appeared for the 3-6 recess. I learned to hide 1/2 of my food for second recess.

One week a teacher brought lots of fancy drinks like bubbly lemonade and apple cider. People were grateful but no one drank them. I learned that no one comes to snack recess for the juice.

One week a teacher went all out and made a bunch of paper decorations including little paper place mats and wall art. A lot of teachers oohed and ahhed and said "Neat! Thanks for making it festive!". Behind her back teachers said "I mean come on doesn't she have anything better to do?" I learned that decorations are optional.

One week teachers brought a bunch of store bought things and people still ooohed and ahhed and said thanks. I learned that teachers are happy for anything free, especially free food.

So today was my week. In the past, the days have been shared by four or five people. Today it was just me and one other teacher. I decided to just bring a bunch of homemade cookies. Who doesn't like cookies? I was a little worried that people might complain that I didn't make cute little sammy triangles or bring a big crock pot of homemade stew, but I did bring 3 different kinds of cookies and some brownies.

This week is the first week of our state testing. I wish instead of baking cookies I could have been getting pissed off at testing and stressed out with all the other teachers. Pretty much every teacher around had hair sticking out the wrong way, blotchy cheeks, and angry eyebrows permanently drawn in over her eyes. It turns out that this was a good time to show up with A LOT of cookies. By the end of lunch, there was not one single crumb left.

Today I learned that during state testing, bring sugar. Bring lots of sugar.

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