Thursday, March 18, 2010

How did I get here?

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my brand new procrastination tool. I do just want to say that I don't actually think I'm awesome (though I am a Mrs.) and I have to have daily pep talks with myself to get up enough courage to stand in front of 25 kids and attempt to teach them. But I like to call myself awesome and I like to pretend like I'm confident, in the hopes that someday I really will be.

So last fall I was a freshly minted M.Ed. (Master's of Education) with a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. In this economy, that meant I was worthless. Ok, not worthless. It meant I was worth $110/day on the days they felt like calling me. That's right, before I was Mrs. Awesome, I was Mrs. L., the substitute because I couldn't find a teaching job. I was Mrs. L with her expensive degree and expensive job change and expensive quarter life crisis and expensive credential. But cheap clothes. I always teach in cheap clothes because I get paint and markers and kid goobers on them.

So there I am, Mrs. L. with cheap clothes and an expensive degree and a crappy paying crappy job. And even though I wrote my master's thesis on behavior management, the kids walked all over me those first few weeks. Then one day, some sixth grade girls decided to make fun of my name. Mrs. Liquid, Mrs. Linguine, Mrs. Langquid, Mrs. Squid.... on and on it went until I felt like I WAS in sixth grade all over again and my name was once again the source of all things funny. I wanted to crawl into a hole a die. Or cry. Or yell a lot. Or make the girls write "Substitutes are people and children are not" 100 times on the blackboard, Bart Simpson style.

But instead I realized... that actually my name is kinda funny. So I interrupted them (in front of the whole class) and asked if they had any more ideas? Because I hadn't heard those before. Then I told about my maiden name and all the different ways people used to tease me about it. I ended with saying... "So call me Mrs. Liquid, Mrs. Linguine, Mrs. L., or Mrs. L____ just please call me nicely." I remembered Barney Stinson, and I thought silently, "You should just call me Mrs. Awesome."

No one in the real world calls me Mrs. Awesome, but I thought it'd be a funny bloggy name!

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