Sunday, March 28, 2010

practically famous

Being a teacher (or kinda of like one, as I am...) is practically like being a celebrity. This is especially true in the eyes of kindergartners, who seem to function as my own personal paparazzi. If I ever sub for them, they scream a lot and need lots of time to calm down before our day can begin.

Every morning, many of the kinders walk through the MPR (that's multi-purpose room, AKA glorified cafeteria with a stage) on their way to their classroom. They wave frantically and smile and say good morning to me.

Inevitably, I wave back, say good morning to them and to their moms, dads, grandmas, etc. Sometimes I let them try pouring my rainstick that I use as my "shhh" stick. Sometimes I'll let them peek into the music closet. Most days they just walk by with a friendly "Good morning, Mrs. Awesome!"

Then three hours go by during which time I'll teach four or five classes which may or may not include a kinder class. Then lunch will start and while I'm tidying up and preparing for my afternoon classes, I'll also chat with the kinders and maybe help remind them to carry their trays with two hands, coach a kid through opening their milk, or remind someone that I saw him eating carrots yesterday so yes, indeed, he does like carrots.

Usually around this time they'll start saying things like this:

"Remember that time when I saw you???? YOU SAID HI TO ME!!!"
"I saw you toooo!"
"Remember when you saw me and my Tia and we said hi?"
"Member when I saw you?"
"Did you see me wave to you?"
"And me??"

I always respond with a smile and I say:

"I DO remember! I love seeing you in the mornings. Do you remember that I said hi back?"

Sometimes I have to stop myself from saying "Do you remember twenty minutes ago when I taught your whole class music?" I'm told five year olds don't get sarcasm. Something about developmental readiness. But someday when I have PTSD I will say something like that. Watch out, I will!

One time when Mr. Awesome and I were out on a date at Taco Bell and I had messy hair and a frumpy sweatshirt on (it may have been a date but it was Taco Bell!) I saw one of the families from my school. Their middle kid was one of my kinders. He recognized me and nearly spit out his taco. I winked and ducked around the corner. I whispered to Mr. Awesome what was going on. He laughed. We picked a booth on the other side of the restaurant. Rule #1 of small town USA: if you leave your home, you will run into someone you know. Rule #1.5: If you're not dressed well, it will be someone from your work world.

On their way out, the family stopped by and we made introductions. The kindergartner was speechless but the other two kids couldn't stop talking. The mom seemed happy to see that a teacher did such normal things as eat at cheap fast food places and have an awesome husband. The kindergartner though was clearly star-struck. I didn't blame him.

After all, he got to see a celebrity.

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