Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how to travel with small children, or at least your pesky wife

I have often accused myself of marrying the equivalent of an eight year old. Picky eater, short attention span, loves cookies...the list goes on. But the truth is, if I'm honest with myself, that when it comes to traveling, Mr. Awesome puts up with more than his fair share by traveling with me. 

I need constant attention. I'm nervous. I want a drink of water. I'm hungry. I have to go potty. When do we get there? Is that noise normal on planes? I'm tired. I'm bored. What are you doing? I don't feel good. What's that? Can I play with your iPhone? I'm bored. 

However, a few trips ago, Mr. Awesome discovered something amazing. It turns out, if you get me a brand new book, I'll leave him and everyone else on the plane alone for the entire trip. Magic. Now when we fly I get a new book and Mr. Awesome gets a few hours peace to cram in more work before our trip. 

So I think this trick must surely work with young children. Parents, listen up! If you want your children to be good travelers, step one is to help them become avid readers. I know of course you're all fabulous parents and doing this already. Step two is get them a never before read book from the library and don't let them read it until they get on the plane. Step three... enjoy your flight!

...Something tells me I'll be in for a shock when I get my own set of kids. For now though, I'm happy thinking all of my kids will sit quietly and read on every plane ride and that I will also be able to afford those plane rides. 

In the meantime, happy spring break! Mr. Awesome and I are off to our favorite city!! 

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