Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Subbing Tales

I've mentioned that I have half a job. Really a more accurate statement would be that I have one whole part time job and another on-call job. I work three days a week as a music teacher and the other two days a week I work as a substitute teacher. Neither job is glorious, both have terrible pay and no benefits, but both have moments that are awesome.

Occasionally, and more often lately, my two jobs intersect. Yesterday and today I subbed at the school where I also teach music. There are many things I love about working with kids, but their honesty and transparency has to be one of my favorite things about them.

For example, if an adult found out they had to have to have a sub for a hairstylist, mechanic, masseuse, etc., they might pretend it was all ok and then complain to the manager or whine to their friends. But not a kid. If a kid sees they have you as a sub, you'll know right away what they think.

A kid will roll their eyes and scream AWW MAN A SUB AGAIN!!!!!! I HATE SUBS!!!!!

A kid will see you in their room in the morning and scream "Mrs. Awesome* is here!!! SHE'S OUR SUB" and then run to the playground to tell anyone who will listen to this newest piece of gossip.

A kid will act so shocked to see you away from the multi purpose room that he'll pretend faint and roll around on the floor.

A kid will play along with you when you tell him that there are TWO Mrs. Awesomes*. One teaches music, one is a sub. We both look alike. We sound alike. We even teach at the same school sometimes. But we never come on the same day.

A kid will just tell you simply "I'm glad you're our sub today." And then when their teacher comes back, they'll cheer and scream for her return as if you've been making them write lines with a cursed quill.

And if a kid really likes you, they might just high five you on the way out the door.

Phooey. Those kids. They'll get you every time.

*Obviously (or maybe not) the kids don't call me Mrs. Awesome. They call me by my last name. But for fun I'm writing under a pseudonym. This way I can pretend to be like Stephen King!

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